It's Orchard Season!

October 18, 2010

Last weekend B and I went to Center Grove Orchard. I LOVE this place. They have all kinds of things to the corn pool and duck races. There are the 3 Little Pigs' houses and the crazy goats, and of course you can't forget their store. We may or may not have spent around $40 on various apple related products. I mean, I NEEDED 1/2 a peck of honeycrisp apples. Enjoy some pics!

 Pretty apple trees.
 B trying his luck at Rope-A-Steer.
B entering the corn maze.
 Super important information.
 Crazy goats! They had these platforms suspended in the air for the goats to walk on. They could get from one fenced area to another this way, and you literally walked right underneath them.
Cute duckies.
 Old Woman who lived in a shoe. That would be me.
 Me & B. I am a midget apparently.
"Oh hey. I'm just chillin' in my goat house."
 Yet another view of the crazy goats. I was getting nervous about them falling off the platforms.
The infamous corn pool. I mean, where else but Iowa will you find a freakin' POOL O' CORN!?!?
Everybody heading to the store to get the goods before leaving.

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