April 9, 2014

100 Happy Days


I have jumped on the bandwagon and officially started the 100 Happy Days Challenge. So far, it's truly making me stop and appreciate the little things that make me happy everyday...and I'm only on Day 3! :) It's been fun seeing what other friends have posted that are also taking the challenge. We all need to be reminded to live more in the moment, and this is an awesome way to start.

If you're interested in learning more about the challenge and officially signing up, check out the 100 Happy Days website. You can follow along with me on Instagram, and if you're already participating please leave a link to your social media in the comments. I'd love to check them out!

Have a happy night!

March 30, 2014

Kitchen Hardware

A few weeks ago I decided to order hardware for all our kitchen cabinets and drawers, as well as in the butler's pantry. My dad and I spent a Saturday afternoon (while B was at an ISU b'ball game) putting it all on, and we're loving the difference it makes. They blend and make a statement all at the same time. Does that make sense? :)

I'd also recommend to anyone shopping for hardware to check Amazon before purchasing anywhere else. I fell in love with these birdcage knobs and pulls, but they were $2.99/ea at Home Depot. I checked around and found the same knobs/pulls, same brand, on Amazon  for $34.99 for a 25 pack. Pretty big savings! 

Have a great night!

February 17, 2014

App Love: Waterlogue

Tonight I'm sharing my newest app obsession, Waterlogue! This app takes your photos and turns them into watercolors. I absolutely love it! These would be so fun to frame or even print on canvas as your own unique pieces of art. Waterlogue isn't free, it's $2.99, but I think it's worth every penny! Check out some of my transformations :)

February 9, 2014

Chalkboard Centerpiece

So this project all started with a wall chalkboard I spotted at TJ Maxx last weekend. Long story short, I didn't buy it when I saw it....then proceeded to obsess over the project I had in mind ALL WEEK. Lucky for me, it was still there when I went back Saturday. This chalkboard was super cute as-is, but instead of using it for my wall, I had big plans for it on our dining room table.

I loved the round shape, and the detail on the frame. It also helped that it was originally priced at $59.99 marked down to $29.99. Our dining room has pops of gold as an accent, and I thought this would look really cute once spray painted gold in the center of the table.

The chalkboard got covered in paper and taped down so spray painting in the basement could commence! I used my *fave* gold spray paint again for this project, Design Master in Gold Medal.

Here it is after being painted and cured in the basement overnight. SO shiny!

There's always the inevitable places where the spray paint bleeds through. I found it was super easy to remove any overspray with a good old Magic Eraser.

Pretty, right?

The frame details seemed to pop even more once it was painted gold.

Here's my completed chalkboard centerpiece on the dining table. It's large enough to still accommodate a fun basket w/ some green moss balls. I think it will be really fun to change the chalk messages for different occasions, holidays, etc!

You can see a few more of the gold accents in the room in this bigger picture. I'm really happy with how it turned out!

February 4, 2014

Master Bedroom Mood Board

I had some free time tonight to put together elements for our master bedroom. Gotta love being snowed in! None of these are definite keepers, but the general idea is one I really like! The four poster bed would be perfect since we have high ceilings to take advantage of. We also have a sitting room area in our bedroom now, so I'm thinking the chaise lounge would be nice. The Moravian star pendant would dress up that area a little bit too. Olioboard is so awesome for brainstorming!

What do you think?

All sources can be found here.

January 28, 2014

Feels Like Home

Tonight I wanted to share a project I finished last weekend. My focus right now is on our foyer/dining room, and I wanted something to fill this wall behind our front door *without* sticking out too much where the door swings back. I kinda came up with the idea randomly both for aesthetic and sentimental reasons. 

I found the picture frames at Kirkland's, and the letters are from Hobby Lobby. I went with oil rubbed bronze, with hints of weathered gold. Gold is becoming an accent in the foyer/dining room area so I wanted touches here too. I spray painted the "O" gold just to jazz it up a little bit. For that I used Design Master spray paint in Gold Medal from Michael's. IMO it's the BEST gold spray paint out there. Let's take a closer look...

I filled the frames with pictures of places we have called home over the years. The top row is filled with our grandparents' houses, the second row our parents', and the third row is our townhome where we started out. In the beginning I wanted to hang two rows of 3, but ended up changing things up in order to not crowd the light switch and use more of the wall. It was a happy accident because things trickled down in chronological order.

I printed the photos off at Costco, and had them all edited to a sepia tone to look more cohesive. I love how they look all grouped together in the frames.

I have to say this is one of my favorite things in the house. Walking by and seeing all the places that have been home to us over the years just gives me the warm fuzzies everytime.

P.S. Yes we finally hung Goldie the ram over the office doors AND that's a new rug for the front door. More updates to come!

January 12, 2014

Seeing Stripes

The big, empty wall in the back of our dining room had been bugging me since we moved in...so today we did something about it! I'd been inspired by several blogs using basic stripes in neutral colors and decided to give a try. It was hard to pass up considering we had the extra trim/ceiling paint left over from our builder sitting in the basement. All we needed was a 4" roller and some Frog Tape. Honestly, the hardest part of the whole thing was taping off the stripes and getting them level. 

B was in charge of lightly tracing the lines across the wall with a pencil, while checking the level the whole way. This would be a LOT easier if you have a laser level, but we worked with what we had!

Here it is after all the taping. Keep in mind that your taped contrast color stripes will look bigger than your taped wall color stripes.The stripes showing our original wall color needed to have the tape INSIDE the marked line. In contrast, the white stripe needs to be however many inches you need OUTSIDE the tape. Does that make sense? For us, we had 5 lines that were 18.5 inches wide each.

Once taping was done, I got to paint! It took two coats to get the coverage we needed.

After 2 coats of paint, it was time to peel the tape. You want to peel the tape off in a downward motion, while the paint is still wet. I can't say enough about Frog Tape...totally worth the extra $$ for clean lines!

Here it is all finished! It's amazing the difference just a few bold stripes made in this room. I have some ideas for some simple art to bring color to that wall too...guess that will be my next project!

Have a fab night!