Harry's the new centerpiece.......

September 28, 2010

So how awesome is the weather this week??? LOVES IT! I was actually semi-excited/motivated to run tonight after work.....which hardly ever happens. :)

Last weekend we pretty much laid low. The weather was really crappy Saturday, which was kind of nice for watching football. B and I ran some errands around town Sunday; I have been a little obssessed with wanting new pillows and a rug for the living room. No luck though so far. All the rugs are too big, or too busy, or too colorful, or too Iamreallypickyaboutstuffmatching. SOLUTION: Instead of buying either of those two things I bought a giant red bowl for my kitchen table. I need to get something cute to put in it, but until I do I figured Harry would work.

Here's my new bowl with the super cute filler.

Just another random kitchen idea, I repurposed my old wine rack on the counter to be a dishcloth holder.
The current pillows. Nothing wrong with them, just wanting a change! They are also down filled, and are losing feathers rapidly. I want to keep the green as the accent color though.

Bengal Tiger Pillow Cover
These are the pillows I LOVE LOVE LOVE from West Elm. I really want the green ones.

Anyone have any ideas on where to shop for cute pillows/rugs? That's all for me tonight, gotta wrap it up before Teen Mom starts! :)

Wordless Wednesday

Boots Round Up

September 19, 2010

The crappy, cold weather this weekend put me in the mood to start looking at my options for some good boots for the fall/winter. Here's some of my favorites, though a couple of them I will just have to stalk until they go on sale (ahem ANTHROPOLOGIE).

Naughty Monkey wedge boots, found here for $99.95.
There are few things in the winter I love more than my Uggs. I haven't snagged a pair of this style yet and I love that they can be worn tall or folded over. Found here for $140.

Martingale boots from Anthro, aren't the bows at the ankle adorable? Love the shorter, chunky heel too. Don't love that they are $238, found here.

These I don't HAVE to have, but just thought they were cute and I like the grayish/beige color. Found here for $198.

These are the cute socks that go with the Hunter wellies below. They have TONS of different styles that you fold over the tops and show off. OBSESSED. These are definitely at the top of my list.

Here are the Hunter wellies. I can't decide if I like the wedge style or the classic flatter wellies. Guess I will just have to try them on and see! Found here for $175.

New Additions

September 16, 2010

B and I went up to Minneapolis over Labor Day weekend, partly because we were bored, and partly because we had hotel points to use for a free night. We shopped it up at IKEA and the MOA and ended up getting a few new things for the house. To top it off we got to see my BFF Maggie and her hubby Chris for brunch on Sunday. It's always awesome getting to see them since we live 4 hours away. Enjoy some pics!

OK well these are just from Pier 1 in good old Des Moines. I had wanted some sconces to frame this picture in the kitchen for a while now, and we found these!

Awesome new wine rack from IKEA (and 2nd awesome hanging job by B).

New lamps on the bar from IKEA. Love the glow of these, and $14.99 for both! Can't beat that!

Now on to the "want and have no reasonable place to hang this". But how cool is this hanging light from IKEA?

These are Sid Dickens wall tiles. B and I first became obssessed with these after seeing them in a boutique at the beach in June. We found these at a store at the MOA and we really want to start trying to collect them.....which is gonna take a while at about $76-$90 PER TILE. YIKES. So don't make fun of us if we are rocking one tile on the wall for a while. :)

Song O' the Week

Recipe time (AKA too lazy to write a new post)

September 8, 2010

I wanted to blog tonight, but then lost all motivation for anything creative due to my OUT OF FREAKING CONTROL allergies. I've been miserable for the last couple of days w/ sneezing, scratchy throat, etc. so I am taking the easy way with another recipe post. It's a good one though, and one of my faves from my aunt in Mississippi.

Without further ado, HAM DELIGHTS! :)

The spread for the sandwiches

Be sure to put it on both sides of the roll. I used dollar rolls for these, they were the perfect size.

Add the ham and cheese.

Pop the tops back on the rolls and cover with foil, then into the oven at 400 for 10 minutes.

All done! Yummy and melty!
Ham Delights
Butter mixture:
1 1/2 cups margarine (spreads easier than butter)
2 TBSP mustard
2 TBSP poppy seeds
1 tsp Worchestershire sauce
Mix together well.
3/4 lbs boilled ham, shredded
2/3 lb shredded Swiss
12 rolls
Spread butter mixture on both sides of rolls. Add ham and cheese evenly amongst rolls. Wrap sandwiches in foil, bake for 10 minutes at 400.


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