Boy Meets Grill

April 18, 2010

So last night was the first official cookout of the season......and on the new grill! We stocked up with some Cheddar Bacon burgers from Fareway (YUM) and off we went!

B firing up the grill

Photo break w/ Harry, who was VERY worried about what his Dad was up to outside.


Annnd they're done.

Burgers and Twice Baked Potatoes, gotta love it!

Harry's 1st Birthday

April 13, 2010

So it was our fur baby Harry's 1st birthday today. Pretty big deal around here. B and I went out yesterday to Three Dog Bakery and got him a special b'day ensemble (Don't laugh!) and some peanut butter dog cookies to celebrate.

Here's his b'day loot including his party hat in the middle. Yes they have party hats for dogs.

My parents came over and brought our family dog Scooter to have a little party and give Harry his presents.
Here is Harry getting super pumped for some new Pup-Peroni. P.S. He about bit my hand off when I tried to move one of these to his bed while he was eating it. He is 3 lbs of pure TERROR.

Here's Harry and Scooter playing tug of war with Harry's new Kong Wubba toy.

And last but not least, here is the birthday boy in his party hat. Happy birthday Harry!

Mitt & Me

April 5, 2010

Mitt Romney came to the Des Moines Library on March 29th for a book signing. Naturally my BFF Megan and I were ALL OVER IT. (Disclaimer: We love us some Mitt. LOVES. I mean, we gave up our lunch breaks people.)

We arrived at the library at 11:40 because DuhGonnaTotallyGetASweetSpotIntheBookSigningLine....only to find out that Gov. Romney was going to be making some remarks first. We got ushered into a conference room and since we planned ahead and were SO EARLY we got 3rd row seats to hear him speak. SCORE.

Oh hi Mitt. Yes I TOTALLY agree with your views on healthcare reform/education/energy/other important political things.

Long story short it turns out our awesome 3rd row seats weren't so awesome anymore when they announced for everyone to leave the conference room again to get in line for the book signing.....which promptly placed us at the END OF THE LINE. After all that effort, Megan ended up having to bail for a work meeting but I stuck it out. About one hour of standing in line later, here is what I have to show for it.

Yes I began tanning immediately after seeing this pic. Helloooooo Casper!

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