Wordless Wednesday

Dinnertime for Harry

Love love love

July 20, 2010

Pretty much obssessed with this song ever since hearing it on SYTYCD. Today it was #10 on the itunes charts! YAY! Can't wait for her full album to come out.

New favorite

July 19, 2010

I found a new favorite website this week, Bluntcard.com. These e-cards are downright HILARIOUS. Here's a few of my personal picks. Don't act like you haven't ever wanted to lay these thoughts on someone. :)

**All images from www.bluntcard.com**

Stormy Sunday

July 18, 2010

So we had a really BAD storm at about 3 AM today. It woke us both up and was probably the worst storm we have had since we have been in the townhome. There was not an official tornado warning or anything, but we had 70 MPH winds and the sirens went off. We woke up to find all of our deck furniture pushed to one side of the deck. Luckily my cute throw pillows for the outdoor loveseat survived! Our 3 month old grill didn't fare so well, it fell over on its front (despite being bungee-corded to the deck rails) and we had grill grates, side burners and various other pieces all over our deck. B got it put back together for the most part but one of the doors on the front that covers the propane tank seems to be completely busted.

We didn't get pics of our deck but here are some of a huge tree that snapped over at Cutty's, across the road from our house. Looks like it narrowly missed a couple of campers.

Wordless Wednesday

Vacay Day 3

July 8, 2010

DEElicious Black Cherry mojito at Cosmo's

Beach time!

One of the big skimmers out in the gulf.


BP workers cleaning up the icky sand.

Vacay Day 2

July 3, 2010

The beach was NOT good the 2nd day. A lot of oil and tarballs had washed up during the storms and rain, so they were a little behind on clean up.

Here is the view from Tacky Jack's for lunch. About 2 minutes later we had to go running inside b/c of the rain.

Tacky Jack's menu

Our breakfast from Cafe Beignet. YUM.

On the beach later that afternoon after the rain FINALLY stopped.

The shoreline after the clean up crews made their rounds later in the day. They were trying really hard to get everything clean as quickly as possible for all the beachgoers.

At the pool.

Looking down the beach at all the condos.

Vacay Day 1

July 1, 2010

We were gone last week on vacation to Orange Beach, AL and then back to Jackson, Mississippi for my family reunion. Here are some pics from the week in no particular order :)

This is one of the bars at the Hangout in Gulf Shores. It was pouring down rain the evening we got there, and we had just sat down underneath before a MASSIVE downpour.

I'm a little obssessed with the sand bucket lights.

Me and B earlier in the night at the Wharf, a cute shopping/dining area.

The big Ferris Wheel at the Wharf. We never went on it :(

Looking down the street at all the shops.

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