Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit Muffins

July 28, 2011

Last weekend I tried this recipe for bacon, egg and cheese biscuit muffins found here. They were SOOOOO GOOD. And easy too!

Start by making biscuit "bowls" in your muffin tin with canned biscuit dough. Add some cheddar cheese in the bottom, fill each cup halfway with egg, and finish by sprinkling the tops with bacon.

Throw them in the oven for about 12 minutes and this is what you get!

On B's plate for Sunday breakfast.

The best part is that when you cut into them you get all the melty cheese and egg. DELISH! This recipe is definitely a keeper.

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit Muffins from Cooking With My Kid

1 package biscuit dough (10 biscuits)

3 eggs

3 tablespoons milk

1/3 cup of shredded cheddar

4 slices bacon

salt and pepper

Cook the bacon in a pan or in the oven until it’s almost done. Chop into small bits and set aside. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Whisk together eggs and milk, a pinch of salt and some cracked pepper to taste and set aside. Meanwhile, roll out each biscuit until it’s slightly bigger than the circumference of your muffin tin. Grease the muffin tin with cooking spray and push one biscuit into each muffin cup being sure to push it all the way down and to the sides. Leave the ridge hanging over the edge. Divide the cheese evenly in each of the biscuit cups and then pour egg in, filling each cup only 1/2 way. They will look empty but resist the urge to top them off. You must account for the biscuits puffing up – otherwise you’ll have a mess on your hands. Sprinkle bacon atop of the egg and bake for 10 to 12 minutes or until biscuits are golden and eggs are set. Use a butter knife to loosen each muffin and serve warm.

Placemat Art

July 25, 2011

The wall above our bed has been bare since the day we moved in. We'd just never been able to find the perfect not too big, not too busy, piece of art to hang up there. Cue these placemats from TJ Maxx. I know right, placemats?!

These red beauties came in a 4 pack. I also bought a pack of black ones because I loved the geometric pattern so much. Aren't they fun? Our bedroom's color scheme is black, white and red so I decided to frame them up for some cheap and easy art.

Pardon Harry, he was helping :) So all I had to do to create my "artwork" was cut each placemat in half and place it in a black frame (from Wal-Mart BTW). The white background is just the generic picture frame filler flipped around to the plain side. P.S. The spoon was for lifting up and pushing down the metal tabs on the back of the frames, those suckers hurt the fingers after a while.

Here they are in all their framed glory on the wall above our bed. I decided to only use the red ones since our whole bedroom set is black already. You can't see them in this photo but our curtains are this same deep red. We are really loving how they turned out.

And another shot with some nighttime lamp ambiance. :)

For now I arranged the black placemats in a flowerburst (is that even a word?) pattern on our kitchen table underneath the pears. They will come in handy for our next get-together. :)

So that's my latest's some stats for you math peeps:

1 4pk of red placemats from TJ Maxx: $7.99

6 black glass front frames from Wal-Mart: $30

Total cost: $37.99*

*B would like me to add that his labor/mental anguish costs for hanging and aligning these/dealing with me obsessing over their placement would at LEAST double that amount.

New Wheels

July 13, 2011

Back in June we traded in my SUV for a Ford Edge and we LOOOOOOOOVE it. We drove it back and forth to the beach with no problems and it was super comfy and quiet. Kinda exciting too as it's our first big joint purchase :) Here's a few pics!

Beach: Day 2

July 9, 2011

Our 2nd day started with hitting the beach! Here's B surveying the scene....he will probably kill me for posting this pic. :)

Then we hit Tacky Jack's for lunch. It is one of our favorite spots to hang out and stare at the water.

Here's the view from our table (and my pina colada)....

Another view.....they also have jet skis and fun boats for rent.

Here's a glimpse at the menu, they have great crab claws!

We saw this post on our way out, kinda cute and funny! And no I didn't write it on there :) I could do without the Mullet newsletter stand in the background though. Gotta love it.

Beach: Day 1

July 3, 2011

We left Mississippi bright and early on Monday the 20th and headed for the beach. I grew up going on vacation in Orange Beach, AL and since we are already down in Mississippi for our family reunion every year it's a good opportunity to drive down. It is my hands down favorite place to be in the summer. I'm still trying to recover from post-vacay depression. :(

 On our way!

 Our exit to Hwy 59 and the BEACH!!!

 Burris Farm Market in Loxley, AL is always my big landmark on the way down. They have an amazing produce selection, bakery and even make their own ice cream!

 We made it!!!! I can still smell the beach air! :( This is the view from our hotel room.

 We hit up the Original Oyster House in Gulf Shores for dinner the first night. That was about all we did since we got to dinner about 6:00 and there was a hour and 45 minute wait. So worth it though! There are tons of cute shops on the boardwalk around the restaurant that you can wander into while waiting for your table.

Our view of the lagoon at dinner

That's about it for Day 1! More to come of the rest of our week!
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