DIY Pumpkin Topiary

September 22, 2014

I'm back with a quick tutorial on making the pumpkin topiary I featured on my fall front porch. 

Here's what you'll need:
-6 craft pumpkins 
-Sharp Knife/Drill
-2 (36") wooden dowels
-2 Planters of your choice
-Potting Soil
-Optional: Decorative Moss

Obviously if you only want one topiary, then cut those supplies in half. :)

Here's all my stuff laid out. I had also bought some craft paint, but decided to forego painting the pumpkins so they'd be more of a Fall decoration and not just Halloween. I also had E3000 glue on hand in case the dowels didn't provide enough stability but my pumpkins haven't budged.  I bought 2 large white pumpkins, 2 small orange pumpkins, and two mini white pumpkins. I wanted to stagger the colors of mine, but you can design it however you wish! I got my pumpkins at Michael's...on sale and with a 40% off entire purchase coupon. 

Start by cutting the stems off your two bottom pumpkins. You will need a hole for the dowels to travel through, and the stacked pumpkins will cover it right up anyway.

Here's what you will be left with after removing the stems. Remember not to remove them off your smallest pumpkin since it will be showing on the top. 

Next drill holes in the bottom of all three pumpkins, again to leave to space for the dowel. I kinda drilled and then stuck the dowel in to judge if my holes needed to be bigger. 

After that's all done, slide your stack o' pumpkins onto the dowel and show your husband your awesome handiwork. Spoiler Alert: He will still be more interested in football. 

I didn't document the very last steps, but finish up by filling your planter to the top with soil and then stick each dowel with pumpkins down into the center.For reference, my planters are about 16" tall, so the 36" dowels were perfect.  I tucked some decorative moss down around the sides a few days later just to make it look a little prettier. Super easy & super cute!

Kate Spade Surprise Sale

September 17, 2014

Today's the last day for the Kate Spade surprise sale...purses, jewelry, clothing all up to 75% off here.

Happy shopping!

Fall Front Porch

September 15, 2014

Happy Fall y'all! 

Just stopping in to share my fall front porch. This year I went with a berry wreath and a funky fall bow for the door. I purchased my bow from Adoorable Wreaths by Melissa; you can find her Etsy shop here. One of my favorite tricks for wreaths is to hang them by a pretty ribbon looped over the top of the door. I used a burlap ribbon for this one. The pumpkin topiaries are something I whipped up myself on a Sunday afternoon...stay tuned for that tutorial later this week. :)

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