April 6, 2011

So our big news of the weekend is that B and I are now official, card carrying members of Costco! I foresee buying lots of unnecessary bulk items in our future, but for now we just got some pillows and a big box of cereal. :)

The weather was gorgeous last weekend so we hit up Fareway afterwards for some Bacon Cheddar burgers. I may have taken a bite of mine before this picture. Excuse me for being hungry. Also, can I just say how awesome those roasted Teeny Tiny Potatoes from TJ's are?!!? I found out about them here at Iowa Girl Eats. So good!

Also from Fareway, Thin Mint ice cream from Picket Fence Creamery in Woodward. Gotta have some dessert. I was proud of the restraint I showed by getting the personal sized container instead of the huge one.

Yep there's an actual thin mint on top. Try not to drool.

Obligatory cute dog shot to end the post. We had my family dog over for the weekend while my parents were out of town. This is one of the few times they were behaving and not eating/pooping/begging for treats/barking at people outside or sounds the wind makes.

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