Gallery Wall

June 27, 2011

Here's the gallery wall we painted and hung the weekend before vacation. I give B most of the credit for this one, he is good with measurements and making sure everything is spaced evenly.

I knew I wanted a "frame" painted on the wall for all our pictures to hang in. We measured and taped it off, then painted using the trim paint we had leftover from when our house was built.

We used the method of measuring out the frames using pieces of paper, then taping them to the wall to figure out placement. This step definitely made things easier and helped us avoid a lot of nail holes.

Here's the finished gallery wall! It's hard to get a good angle of the entire thing since it's in our upstairs hallway. We used matching black frames of all different sizes.

For now we have all the frames filled with our engagement photos, but we will probably switch some out once I print off some more family and friends pictures. B is afraid people might think we're weirdos for having a wall full of photos of ourselves. But hey I say it's OUR house. :) The middle print is something I found on Pinterest. It's a listing of significant dates for us (our birthdays, wedding date, first date, and engagement date). You can check them out here.


  1. I love how your gallery wall turned out & it's so exciting for me to see my "Dated Wall Art" in action! I love how you used a variety of special dates and gave it your own twist. I'm going to feature your gallery wall on my blog! :)

  2. I'm a new follower from Delightful Order...

    I did a gallery wall in our old house but instead of painting a frame we used trim...and don't worry about all the pics of you and your husband...I have ours all over our bedroom...It's our home/room(like you said) and I love to look at pics of us throughout the years!!

    I'm re-doing our bedroom now (we just moved a month ago)and I want to do another gallery wall and I just love the "Dated Wall Art"...I may have to steal that idea ;-)

    Would love for you to stop by and say "Hi"!!

  3. @ Andrea Thank you SO much! I am so glad you like how the gallery wall looks. We are totally in love with our dated print and have gotten so many compliments on it.

    @Denyse I'm glad someone else has lots of pics of themselves up! I totally agree b/c I love looking at our engagement pics too :) And totally steal the dated wall art, Andrea does an awesome job and it was so much cuter than I could have even imagined! I will definitely stop by! :)

  4. I just think this is so beautiful. Can't wait to do one of my own! I'm linking up to you at

  5. @Jessica Aww you are so sweet! Thanks for linking to me!:)

  6. I found this using pinterest and I LOVE it! I'm hoping to do similar things for all of our wedding photos and this is great inspiration!

  7. @L Thanks so much! That would look great with your wedding photos! I'm hoping to switch out some with our wedding photos too once we're married :)

  8. Hello - what dimensions did you use for the outer white frame?


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