Placemat Art

July 25, 2011

The wall above our bed has been bare since the day we moved in. We'd just never been able to find the perfect not too big, not too busy, piece of art to hang up there. Cue these placemats from TJ Maxx. I know right, placemats?!

These red beauties came in a 4 pack. I also bought a pack of black ones because I loved the geometric pattern so much. Aren't they fun? Our bedroom's color scheme is black, white and red so I decided to frame them up for some cheap and easy art.

Pardon Harry, he was helping :) So all I had to do to create my "artwork" was cut each placemat in half and place it in a black frame (from Wal-Mart BTW). The white background is just the generic picture frame filler flipped around to the plain side. P.S. The spoon was for lifting up and pushing down the metal tabs on the back of the frames, those suckers hurt the fingers after a while.

Here they are in all their framed glory on the wall above our bed. I decided to only use the red ones since our whole bedroom set is black already. You can't see them in this photo but our curtains are this same deep red. We are really loving how they turned out.

And another shot with some nighttime lamp ambiance. :)

For now I arranged the black placemats in a flowerburst (is that even a word?) pattern on our kitchen table underneath the pears. They will come in handy for our next get-together. :)

So that's my latest's some stats for you math peeps:

1 4pk of red placemats from TJ Maxx: $7.99

6 black glass front frames from Wal-Mart: $30

Total cost: $37.99*

*B would like me to add that his labor/mental anguish costs for hanging and aligning these/dealing with me obsessing over their placement would at LEAST double that amount.

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