Master Bedroom Updates

February 1, 2015

Happy (snowy) Sunday! 

Over the past few months we've been slowly updating our master bedroom. I fell in love with this furniture back in November, and we finally upgraded to a king bed. It's still a work in progress, but I feel like it's a big transformation from where we were.Eventually I'll add a couple of comfy chairs or even a small loveseat to the sitting area. 

Be warned, there are lots of pictures. I'll source everything at the end.

First, let's start with a before/after shot:

{Source List}
Bedroom Set: Paula Deen Savannah
Bedding: Real Simple Harper
Bench: Gordmans {similar}
Wall Monogram: Custom Cut Monograms
Bedside Lamps: TJ Maxx {similar}
Bedside Trays: Hobby Lobby {similar}
Console: Vintage Dixie Dresser
Sitting Area Rug: Mohawk Home Bloomfield rug
Leaner Mirror: Bronze Mirror
Curtains: Homegoods {similar}


  1. You can still do a lot with your wall. But the bed and furniture are all good now. The window's curtains look so pretty as well. Perfect for this kind of bedroom.

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