Harry's 1st Birthday

April 13, 2010

So it was our fur baby Harry's 1st birthday today. Pretty big deal around here. B and I went out yesterday to Three Dog Bakery and got him a special b'day ensemble (Don't laugh!) and some peanut butter dog cookies to celebrate.

Here's his b'day loot including his party hat in the middle. Yes they have party hats for dogs.

My parents came over and brought our family dog Scooter to have a little party and give Harry his presents.
Here is Harry getting super pumped for some new Pup-Peroni. P.S. He about bit my hand off when I tried to move one of these to his bed while he was eating it. He is 3 lbs of pure TERROR.

Here's Harry and Scooter playing tug of war with Harry's new Kong Wubba toy.

And last but not least, here is the birthday boy in his party hat. Happy birthday Harry!

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