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September 28, 2010

So how awesome is the weather this week??? LOVES IT! I was actually semi-excited/motivated to run tonight after work.....which hardly ever happens. :)

Last weekend we pretty much laid low. The weather was really crappy Saturday, which was kind of nice for watching football. B and I ran some errands around town Sunday; I have been a little obssessed with wanting new pillows and a rug for the living room. No luck though so far. All the rugs are too big, or too busy, or too colorful, or too Iamreallypickyaboutstuffmatching. SOLUTION: Instead of buying either of those two things I bought a giant red bowl for my kitchen table. I need to get something cute to put in it, but until I do I figured Harry would work.

Here's my new bowl with the super cute filler.

Just another random kitchen idea, I repurposed my old wine rack on the counter to be a dishcloth holder.
The current pillows. Nothing wrong with them, just wanting a change! They are also down filled, and are losing feathers rapidly. I want to keep the green as the accent color though.

Bengal Tiger Pillow Cover
These are the pillows I LOVE LOVE LOVE from West Elm. I really want the green ones.

Anyone have any ideas on where to shop for cute pillows/rugs? That's all for me tonight, gotta wrap it up before Teen Mom starts! :)

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