Project Weekend

June 14, 2011

Last weekend we tackled a couple of random projects around the house. The first was a gallery wall for our engagement pictures in the upstairs hallway, and the second was an easy necklace organizer for my side of the closet. The gallery wall is still a work in progress so for now here's the necklace organizer.

I found this idea here on Pinterest. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to do it. There is just no good way to organize all my long necklaces. Some have been tucked in a jewelry box for a while now, getting tangled and ruined and a few others were just hanging from a hanger in my closet. Not very pretty to look at either!

So off to Target I went after work on Friday, and after spending $6.99 on a towel rack and $5.99 on shower curtain clips I have a whole new necklace organization system. I found clips that actually hinge together and pull apart and I really love them. I was afraid with some of my heavier necklaces that the open hooks might fall off or be easier to brush against and pull off the rack. Lots prettier to look at too! :)

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  1. So I was peeking around your page and this is so cool..I'm definitely going to do this! We are closing on our first house on Friday and I am excited to see what other house projects you have tried ;)


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