Seeing Stripes

January 12, 2014

The big, empty wall in the back of our dining room had been bugging me since we moved today we did something about it! I'd been inspired by several blogs using basic stripes in neutral colors and decided to give a try. It was hard to pass up considering we had the extra trim/ceiling paint left over from our builder sitting in the basement. All we needed was a 4" roller and some Frog Tape. Honestly, the hardest part of the whole thing was taping off the stripes and getting them level. 

B was in charge of lightly tracing the lines across the wall with a pencil, while checking the level the whole way. This would be a LOT easier if you have a laser level, but we worked with what we had!

Here it is after all the taping. Keep in mind that your taped contrast color stripes will look bigger than your taped wall color stripes.The stripes showing our original wall color needed to have the tape INSIDE the marked line. In contrast, the white stripe needs to be however many inches you need OUTSIDE the tape. Does that make sense? For us, we had 5 lines that were 18.5 inches wide each.

Once taping was done, I got to paint! It took two coats to get the coverage we needed.

After 2 coats of paint, it was time to peel the tape. You want to peel the tape off in a downward motion, while the paint is still wet. I can't say enough about Frog Tape...totally worth the extra $$ for clean lines!

Here it is all finished! It's amazing the difference just a few bold stripes made in this room. I have some ideas for some simple art to bring color to that wall too...guess that will be my next project!

Have a fab night!


  1. Looks fab! How fun to get to decorate! Traci

    1. Thanks Traci! It is SO much fun! We're just slowly taking it room by room :)

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