Laundry Room Update

July 13, 2014

A couple weeks ago I decided to tackle the laundry room. I needed a solution for added storage, and wanted to make it more inviting than its current state. Maybe then I would *want* to do more laundry? Wishful thinking?

I found this solid wood bookcase for $25 at a local fave. The owner is a picker and has all kinds of odds and ends. I had already taken the shelf out at this point, but this is just your typical oak bookshelf. There were a few dings and scratches, but I was planning on painting it anyway! The only storage in the laundry room originally was that high wire shelf above, which I can't even reach. #shortpeopleprobs

I picked this Americana Decor Chalky Finish paint in "Legacy". It's a really bright fun turquoise color. This paint is great since it requires no sanding or stripping, and adheres with a really smooth matte finish. It has a pudding consistency and very little smell which is also a big plus. A little of the paint goes a long way! I only used 2 of the 8 oz pots for the entire bookshelf which was a total of 2 coats.

Here's some pics of the finished space!

I added a skirt to the utility sink for some color and pattern. The fabric I used is an outdoor one from Better Homes & Gardens called "Jodi Fiesta". I found it on sale at Joann Fabrics. I figured since it's outdoor fabric it will hold up better if it gets wet, etc. I measured around the sink for the width I needed, then "hemmed" the bottom with fabric glue. I attached it all the way around the sink with sticky back Velcro. So easy!

Here's the finished bookcase, isn't that turquoise color fun? I added a couple of baskets for storage, as well as paper towels/cloth towels and some framed care instructions.

The wash, dry, fold bin is from TJ Maxx. Gotta love that store.

This isn't the prettiest part, but I anchored this bad boy to the wall behind the door. It made B a little nervous when I asked him for some pointers on the drill. He should be used to it by now. :)

I made the laundry sign using a canvas and wooden letters from Michael's. I had leftover fabric from the sink skirt so I just wrapped the canvas and attached the letters with fabric glue.

Hope you enjoyed that quick tour of the laundry room! Have a fab night!

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  1. Just lovely, thank you so much for sharing! I need laundry room ideas (specifically how to *pretty* up a laundry tub) and I really like your no-sew skirt!
    How do you like your washer and dryer? They appear to be the same ones I'm getting (the LG WT1101CW washer and DLE1101W dryer).
    Thanks again!


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