The Limited Weddings

March 6, 2011

Did anyone else know that the Limited has wedding gowns? I got an e-mail from them this week advertising their bridal collection, and they have everything from gowns to bridesmaid dresses. A lot of them are really pretty and also have awesome price tags. Here's a few faves.

 The Romantic style

 The Floral Applique style

The lace column style


  1. Between this, J.Crew, and the new Anthropologie collection, I'd have to have three separate weddings.

  2. I did know JCrew and wedding things. David's wife got her bridesmaid dresses there. Do you have a date picked out?

  3. I was just cruising through their line the other day - so beautiful and SERIOUSLY attractive price tags!!! I like the first dress on this post ...

  4. @molly: tell me about it! Way too many pretty choices!

    @momgk: they do have some cute bridesmaid dresses! Yep we have a date 5/19/2012

    @morgan: their prices are crazy! And I agree, the first one is my fave too :)


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